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My Friend, Michael Spencer

Read this In Memoriam first.

I’m not ready to say good bye or talk about my feelings yet about my friend who just died.  Part of it is not having words.  Part of it is I feel selfish thinking about my feelings when his wife and kids – all truly, truly, wonderful people – have just lost a husband and father.

I began writing a lot of stuff about how we met and how our friendship grew.  I’m saving that for me right now because I am selfish.  He was a good friend, an inspiration, a counselor, and a guy who really knew how to laugh at the stuff worth laughing at.  I’ll both treasure and miss that.

I read through about five years worth of E-mails last night.  I don’t delete anything from G-mail, so there’s a couple hundred between Michael and I in there.  I didn’t remember writing this, but I am glad I did write it.  He knew and that gives some peace to me.

I don’t say stuff like this enough, but I love you.  You’re the only person on the internet that I’ve ever met in real life who has taken time for me, who has counseled me in ministry, and has gifted me in amazing ways.  Honestly, you make me feel like Silas.  Or maybe I should say Barnabas because I want to be an encouragement to you in all of this as well.  As you struggle with doubt I do not want you to doubt this – you have mattered in my life for the important things and your influence on me is influencing others in my preaching and teaching.

Not only that, but I believe more fiercely in the resurrection than ever before and a lot of that confidence has come from the Lord through Michael Spencer.  I can’t wait to see him again.

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