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Twitter Inspiration – Grace

I’m thinking about doing a series of posts based upon tweets I have marked as “Favorite” on Twitter.  I did this once a few months ago and am still grateful for the lesson I learned in reading a 140 character post.  So I think I’ll go for it again and try to reflect on what I’ve learned – I’ve definitely got plenty of material as I mark at least 2-3 tweets a week as “Favorite”.

This post comes from runner, blogger, pastor, and soon-to-be author Joe Thorn:

If there’s anything my depraved heart did not want to read, this ranks in the top ten.  It would be easy for me to slide right past the truth of this tweet  because I don’t know the grumpy guy in that coffee place.  I could get theological and philosophical and say, “Yeah, bro, you should probably repent of that attitude.”  It would be easy for me to just move on by.  Except that the person “grumpy guy” represents is everywhere.

What if I reframed the note to self in these ways?

  • Your wife needs grace, not rolling eyes.
  • Your daughter needs grace, not a sigh and a “Just a minute.”
  • Your angry church member needs grace, not a flip rebuttal.
  • The guy asking for help needs grace, not a look that communicates, “Not this again.”

That list could get a lot longer.  The people on it could be on the receiving end of a lot of graceless looks, sighs, and comments, but that’s not the kind of person God has called me to be.    I’ve been dealing with Romans 12:9-21, especially the second half of v. 10 “Outdo one another in showing honor.”  What exactly does that look like?  I think it looks like a loving and kind response to the grumpy guys and gals in our lives – the kind of response that is prepared for in the training room of grace: our prayer closet and our desk.  I spent 20 minutes walking around my neighborhood not too long ago asking God to help me love my enemies and then praying for them by name so that the next time I have an encounter with them the grace of God is abundant and the prideful, ego-inflating response is gone with the rest of my sin.

Who are the grumpy guys in your life?  Are you praying for them?

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  1. Jeff
    March 27, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    I’m the grumpy guy. 🙂 Thanks for giving me grace.

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