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Best Post I’ve Read in Some Time

You’ve got to read this.  I hardly agree this much with anyone but, as Steve Jobs might say in a keynote “Boom.”

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  1. Jeff Melton
    August 11, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    “Many churches are jerk factories.” As you say, “Boom”.

    I quit going to brick-and-mortar churches when I realized how pissed off I always was when I returned home. Me and Jesus are fine, thanks. It’s a lot of His kids with whom I have problems. I haven’t nearly enough grace (yet) to deal as generously with them as He does.

    I’m patiently awaiting the opportunity to see house churches springing up all over our area. They’ll be populated with burned-out pastors (mainline and otherwise), fed-up former churchgoers, freaks, hippies, and a whole bunch of folks who never, ever, not once felt welcomed in a building full of strangers who really just pretended to give a shit about them.

    These churches will look more like Acts 2 than anything you’ve ever experienced before.

    The Spirit will lead, because people will embrace the equality of spiritual giftings.

    Children of God will participate in worship together because they believe they need no leader but Christ’s Holy Spirit.

    Works will be done because they won’t dilute their tithes on building projects, light bills, rent, mortgages or salaries.

    There will always be a big enough place to meet, because when one living room fills up, they will simply open up another.

    There will always be enough, because all will embrace Paul’s bi-vocational approach to ministry.

    It will be the organic, cellular growth many say they want to see, but are too scared to fully embrace.

    Are house churches the only answer to jerk church-goers? Nope. The Body of Christ needs lots of different parts. I just don’t want to hang out with the assholes anymore.

    Come, Lord Jesus.

    • Matthew Johnson
      August 12, 2009 at 2:00 pm

      One of the things I like about this guy’s post is that often our ways of “getting closer to God” are completely insular. A group Bible study or prayer group only reaches, typically, a group of like-minded people. Asking forgiveness of someone else, treating some random person kindly and even serving them some way, even tipping well is a way of mimicking Jesus that teaches us about the heart of of a God who sent the Son.

      I get the anger and frustration with the local church. No, really, I GET it. In many ways I’ve lowered my expectation of her just to emotionally survive. I don’t like that. I also think that every single one of us has an idealized vision of what the Church (capital “c”) would look like that runs the spectrum of mega-church to house church and everything in between that will never be realized. Some days I want house church, some days local church of about 100, other days I’m jealous of the huge churches. I’ve finally just thrown up my hands and said, “Jesus will redeem it all and I hope he does it soon!”

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