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The Inn at Carnall Hall

This is on the campus of the University of Arkansas. In 1995, my freshman year, the University was going to raze this building (an old dormitory). I don’t remember why they didn’t except that there were a lot of protests.
I didn’t care one way or the other, but I’m glad they decided to restore and renew this beautiful building.

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GTD – Chrysalis Weekend Gear

Top to bottom: David Allen Notetaker Wallet, ESV Thinline (genuine calfskin), David Allen Jr. Folio, Kuro Toga pencil.
This is how I’ll make it happen in more ways than one.

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My daughter’s knock knock jokes

Here’s a typical one:
Her: Knock knock!
Me: Who’s there?
Her: Wet wipe.
Me: Uh, wet wipe who?
Her: Oh, good. We have a wet wipe!
I coudn’t make it up if I wanted to.

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Dragging through Summer

My friend, the Internet Monk, says that Twitter is killing our group blog, The Boar’s Head Tavern. He might be right. I can’t say the same about my blog, however, because it’s generally just blogging laziness. However, if you’d like to check out what’s going on you can find me at the BHT link in the first sentence and a few other places:




A word about Facebook and Flickr: A couple of years ago some creepy guy was compiling pictures of little girls sleeping. One of them was my daughter from Flickr. I have now protected the pictures of her and no one other than people I have admitted at friend or family can see them. The same pretty much goes for Facebook. You might be offended if I reject your friend request but that means either A) I don’t know you or B) I didn’t know you well/didn’t like you enough to have that access to photos of my personal life. That’s the reality of the world we live in and I hope you understand.

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