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Friday Frivolity

While I’m waiting for the Arkansas Razorbacks baseball team to take the field against the corndogs of LSU, I thought I’d waste a Friday afternoon post on a few meaningless points:

The iPhone 3GS arrived today. I don’t have one nor will I get on this year. I’m going to wait until our contract is up and hope that some other carrier gets the iPhone in 2010 because AT&T repeatedly drops the ball. Cellular providers all over the world have done a better job preparing for the 3GS. Why not you, AT&T?

I have no earthly idea who Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are and I understand that’s a good thing. Jon & Kate, too. I look like such a moron when I read the covers of magazines at the grocery store.

Good News Magazine has a pretty good collection of the voting results on the constitutional amendments United Methodists are voting on this summer.

Man, I love Auto-Tune the News.

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