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Different Men?

A post at Kottke about Getting into Character made me think about some of the issues raised in that post.  For instance, he writes:

When my dad ran his own business back in the 70s/80s, he deliberately cultivated a “business voice” that he used on the telephone, a voice that was quieter, deeper, calmer, and more serious than his regular voice. The transformation when he got on the phone was pretty amazing.

I understand that this kind of transformation develops for some people and even the necessity of the transformation except that in my vocation it is seen as completely false and fake.  I don’t have experience in other fields to really flesh that out, but I have seen and met other pastors who are one way at church and another at home or with friends.  

I get that a transformation from one person to another could make a pastor more successful at church and allow him or her to blow off some steam at home or at play, but I don’t want to be that guy and I know that most of my people want a consistent guy at the helm of the church.  For the most part they get that.  I hope.  I also hope my family gets the same guy at home as they see at church – especially my daughter.  I’d hate for her to grow up thinking that it’s okay to be a cheesy nice guy at church and a complete jerk at home.  

What is important is to keep an eye out for those inconsistencies and shore those up as often and as quickly as possible.

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