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I’m not going to make a habit of posting pictures from vacations or of the cat I do not have (I can’t stand cats), but I did want to post one picture from our family trip to visit my paternal grandmother in Minnesota.  I’m consistenly amazed and sometimes amused when I think of the ways God turns and shapes our pasts and circumstances into something useful for his purposes.

For all the trouble I’ve caused and potential I’ve left littered behind me, God still sees fit to use me in ways that can only be attributed to grace.  And as best as I understand it, we began in this church I photographed last week.  This is the church in which I was baptized barely four months after I was born in May of 1977.  My parents pledged to raise me to know and love Jesus and this church pledged to help them do so.  As far as I know, I’ve not stepped foot in that church one time in the last 31 years.

But, that baptism was a promise, not by humans but by God, that I would be tethered to the church for better or for worse.  God’s grace has been overwhelming since that day and I trust that even through iffy beginnings and careless sin and mishaps over the years, God will still, through that same grace, bring me home in the end.

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