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The Seoul of Lenny

Just to take a break from General Conference reporting, I decided to take a look at a blog written by a friend of mine, Lenny Luchetti. Lenny is a Beeson Pastor which is a doctoral ministry program at our alma mater. One of the great things about being a Beeson Pastor is that they get to take trips around the world. Their most recent trip was to South Korea and it looks to have been a great experience.

I’ll admit, I’ve always felt a bit ashamed of myself when I read about the spiritual disciplines of our Korean brethren. One of the things Lenny wrote resonated with me:

While I know many faithful American Christians, most of us have a lot to learn about faithful commitment from our Korean brothers and sisters. Our mouths often speak louder than our actions, so that our profession of Jesus as Lord is not backed up by the practices of prayer, Bible study or tithing. Korean Christians, on the other hand, don’t say much with their mouths, but their actions spoke to us quite loudly.

I agree. We American Christians tend to puff a lot of hot air out there about Jesus but we really don’t back it up. Especially pastors. Maybe this is a segue into a future post, but some of our lax disciplinary practices are reflective of our leadership. No wonder pastoral authority is often challenged.

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